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Recent Progress in Materials publishes original high quality experimental and theoretical papers and reviews on basic and applied research in the field of materials science and engineering, with focus on synthesis, processing, constitution, and properties of all classes of materials. Particular emphasis is placed on microstructural design, phase relations, computational thermodynamics, and kinetics at the nano to macro scale. Contributions may also focus on progress in advanced characterization techniques.          

Main research areas include (but are not limited to):
Characterization & Evaluation of Materials
Metallic materials 
Inorganic nonmetallic materials 
Composite materials
Polymer Materials
Sustainable Materials and Technologies
Special types of Materials
Macro-, micro- and nano structure of materials
Environmental interactions, process modeling
Novel applications of materials

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Free Publication in 2020

Open Access Original Research

Antibody-Based Capture and Behaviour of Endothelial Cell Lines on Pre-Surface Modified Medical Grade Steel

Rohan R. Ravindranath, Brian De La Franier, Issaka Yougbare, Jason E. Fish, Michael Thompson
Received: January 25, 2020; Published: March 27, 2020; doi:10.21926/rpm.2001008

Abstract: Coronary artery disease is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Coronary stents, tube-shaped medical implants that are placed in narrowed coronary arteries, have been used successfully in the management of this condition. However, re-narrowing (i.e. restenosis) o [...]

Open Access Review

Self-Consistent Theory of Screening and Transport in Narrow, Translation-Invariant Hall Bars under the Conditions of the Integer Quantum-Hall-Effect

Rolf R. Gerhardts
Received: November 11, 2019; Published: February 10, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.2001007

Abstract: We summarize and discuss a self-consistent screening and magneto-transport theory, developed to understand the results of scanning-force-microscope experiments on the current distribution in a two-dimensional electron system (2DES), located in a narrow Hall bar under the conditions of the integer qu [...]

Open Access Case Report

Transient Phenomenon in Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals

H. Hakemi, M. Khenkin, R. Tamari, D. Gal-Fuss
Received: December 10, 2019; Published: March 05, 2020; doi:10.21926/rpm.2001006

Abstract: In the present study, we report the experimental results related to the transient phenomenon, i.e., the time-dependent changes in the electro-optical properties of as-made polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films prepared by the UV-curing phase-separation method. This phenomenon occurs explicit [...]

Open Access Review

Biomedical Applications of Wrinkling Polymers

Ryan L Dimmock, Xuyiling Wang, Yibin Fu, Alicia J El Haj, Ying Yang
Received: December 09, 2019; Published: February 28, 2020; doi:10.21926/rpm.2001005

Abstract: Advancements in surface engineering and material fabrication techniques have enabled the creation and replication of naturally occurring surface topographies or the extrapolation of natural patterns to become achievable targets. Polymers are used extensively in the field of biomedical sciences for c [...]

Open Access Original Research

Assessment of the Processing Method for the Development of Hybrid Biopolymer-Based Scaffolds

María Alonso-González, José Fernando Rubio-Valle, Victor Perez-Puyana, Mercedes Jiménez-Rosado, Alberto Romero
Received: November 01, 2019; Published: February 26, 2020; doi:10.21926/rpm.2001004

Abstract: The present study deals with the development of scaffolds based on gelatin (G) and/or chitosan (CH) through modifications in the central processing method. This process consists of the fabrication of a hydrogel which is, then submitted to a freeze-drying stage. To compare the effects of the differen [...]

Open Access Original Research

Initial Adhesion Behavior of Osteoblast on Titanium with Sub-Micron Scale Roughness

Satoshi Migita, Tomoya Yamaguchi
Received: September 18, 2019; Published: January 14, 2020; doi:10.21926/rpm.2001003

Abstract: The surface roughness of titanium could regulate various cellular functions such as survival and growth. In the context of cell adhesion to materials, cell spreading and cell shape are also closely linked to various cellular functions. Previously, we found that Ti substrate with a 100-nm scale surfa [...]

Open Access Original Research

Relativistic Wigner Function for Quantum Walks

Fabrice Debbasch
Received: October 15, 2019; Published: January 06, 2020; doi:10.21926/rpm.2001002

Abstract: A relativistic Wigner function for free Discrete Time Quantum Walks (DTQWs) on the square 2D space-time lattice is defined. The transport equation obeyed by the relativistic Wigner function is derived in terms of discrete derivatives and degenerates in the continuum limit into the transport equation [...]

Open Access Original Research

Phase Equilibria of Flexible Polymer and Monomer Liquid Crystal Blends

Hassan-Ali Hakemi, Ghazal Hakemi
Received: December 5, 2019; Published: January 3, 2020; doi:10.21926/rpm.2001001

Abstract: In this study, we explored the phase equilibria in blends of a nematic liquid crystal monomer and a nematic liquid crystal flexible polymer within the whole composition of the phase diagram. The crystal-nematic and nematic-isotropic transition temperatures, as well as the transition enthalpies and e [...]

Open Access Original Research

Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles to Tune Oxidative Degradation Rates in Composite Shape Memory Polymers

Andrew Weems, Wenyan Li, Duncan Maitland, Luz Marina Calle
Received: September 12, 2019; Published: December 31, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.1904008

Abstract: Biomedical applications of shape memory polymers (SMPs) are limited by their biostability, degradability, and possible toxicity risks after implantation. Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) were used to increase the oxidative biostability (increase time until degradation occurs) using antioxidant [...]

Open Access Research Article

Silk-CNT Mediated Fibroblast Stimulation toward Chronic Wound Repair

Naiwei Chi, Shuyao Zheng, Elwin Clutter, Rong Wang
Received: October 30, 2019; Published: December 18, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.1904007

Abstract: Background: Diabetic patients suffer from chronic wounds partly due to altered function of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts of diabetic patients synthesize collagen I (COLI) at a much higher level than collagen III (COLIII), resulting in delayed tissue granulation and, consequently, a delay in the overall w [...]

Open Access Review

Engineering Bacterial Cellulose for Diverse Biomedical Applications

Sana Sandhu, Anindita Arpa, Xi Chen, Rahul Kumar, Justyn Jaworski
Received: September 15, 2019; Published: November 25, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.1904006

Abstract: Increasing interest in bacterial cellulose due to the huge potential which exists for the development of this new biomaterial for medical applications has been met with recent growth in research in engineering this unique microbial manufactured material. The mechanical properties, porosity, and bioc [...]

Open Access Research Article

Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy Deposition of Ultrathin SnTe Films

Taise M. Manhabosco, Shaul Aloni, Tevye R. Kuykendall, Sara M. Manhabosco, Ana Bárbara Batista, Jaqueline S. Soares, Ana Paula M. Barboza, Alan. B. de Oliveira, Ronaldo J. C. Batista, Jeffrey J. Urban
Received: September 06, 2019; Published: October 29, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.1904005

Abstract: Tin telluride (SnTe) ultrathin films were deposited electrochemically on polycrystalline and monocrystalline gold substrates using the electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (ECALE) method. The electrochemical behaviors of Sn and Te were studied systematically by means of cyclic voltammetry. Cyclic vo [...]

Open Access Original Research

Formulation-Properties of Novel Ibuprofen-Loaded Soy Protein Wound Dressings

Lia Ofek, Daniella Goder, Meital Zilberman
Received: July 31, 2019; Published: October 11, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.1904004

Abstract: Background: Wound management is an important field in medical care, as annually, millions of wounds require treatment worldwide. Soy protein is highly biocompatible, easily processed, and a relatively cheap natural polymer, which can be used for wound dressing applications. Methods: In this study [...]

Open Access Review

Super-Resolution of Nano-Materials and Quantum Effects Obtained by Microspheres

Y. Ben-Aryeh
Received: July 29, 2019; Published: September 04, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.1903003

Abstract: Microsphere super-resolutions, which are beyond the Abbe classical limit, are described. The conversion of evanescent waves to propagating waves, are analyzed by using the geometry of the microsphere. In microsphere experiments a nanojet is produced near the focal plane where its width is smaller th [...]

Open Access Project Report

Evaluation of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) for Passive Rear Projection Screen Application

H. Hakemi, O. Pinshow, D. Gal-Fuss
Received: June 24, 2019; Published: August 07, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.1903002

Abstract: In the past few years, there have been many attempts to commercialize Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) for Rear Projection Screen (RPS) in electrically switchable films and glass products. This application is based on the exceptional image quality of PDLC at a wide viewing angle. However, due [...]

Open Access Opinion

Valued Applications of Lignin Nanoparticles

Alexander Henn, Maija-Liisa Mattinen
Received: March 08, 2019; Published: April 26, 2019; doi:10.21926/rpm.1902001

Abstract: Technical lignins from the biorefinery, pulp, and paper industries are largely underutilized, even though this aromatic and randomly structured biopolymer could be an interesting raw material for advanced applications in addition to bulk daily goods. Recently, colloidal lignin particles (CLPs) have [...]

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