The 12th Workshop on Combined Analysis Using Ray Scattering

July 4th-8th, 2022, Caen, France

It is our great pleasure to announce the successful convening of "The 12th Workshop on Combined Analysis Using Ray Scattering", held in Caen, France, from July 4-8, 2022. Recent Progress in Materials sponsored the workshop as a Publisher Partner.

This workshop covers many aspects of the “Combined Analysis” methodology using x-Ray, neutron and electron scattering, and X-ray fluorescence applied to material science. The characterization involves obtaining information on the structure, microstructure, phase and elemental content, texture, stress in different kind of samples and structures. The objective is to bring together participants from various fields and to provide an opportunity to discuss individual interests and experiences.

If you have information about upcoming conferences in 2023, please share it with us, we are always open to cooperating with conferences in all areas of materials.