Open Access Research Article

Spark Plasma Sintering of Cu-Ti-Ni Ternary Alloy: Microstructural, Thermal and Electrical Properties

Received: 28 December 2023;  Published: 01 July 2024;  doi: 10.21926/rpm.2403016


High strength and good conductivity are both critical parameters for copper-based alloys for electrical and other technological applications. This study is aimed to produce copper alloys and metal matrix composites (MMCs) with enhanced physical properties. Cu-Ti-Ni ternary alloys and MMCs samples were sintered at 600 to 700°C using spark plasma sintering (SPS), with a heating rate of 100°C/minutes, uniaxial pressure of 50 MPa, and a holding time of 10 minutes. Scanning electron microscopy (FE-SE [...]