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Volume 3,Issue 2

Open Access Review

The Multifaceted Roles of Ketogenic Diets in Neurology-Brain Cancers and Other Neurologic Diseases

Received: 30 December 2021;  Published: 19 April 2023;  doi: 10.21926/rpn.2302007


The ketogenic diet (KD) is currently well known in the lay media as a quick way to lose weight. However, the KD is not a new medical concept. The KD was used in the early 1900s to control seizures. However, as we developed more effective pharmacological agents, we used the KD less until it became practically obscure by the 1980s. Similar to the effects of fasting, the KD leads to the production of ketones as an alternative energy source to glucose. Therefore, the KD has many beneficial metabolic [...]

Open Access Original Research

Consumer Perception, Nutritional, and Technological Properties of Bread Made with Chickpea Flour

Received: 12 December 2022;  Published: 12 April 2023;  doi: 10.21926/rpn.2302006


Celiac disease (CD) is one of the most common intestinal diseases in humans today. The only "cure" for this disease is a strictly gluten-free diet. Bread is a highly accepted food product. But, bread is a product that owns its technological properties to the presence of gluten. Bread without gluten has different texture, palatability, and sensorial properties. Therefore, new products are needed to solve this problem. Chickpeas are an inexpensive source of protein for making gluten-free [...]