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Volume 6,Issue 2

Open Access Original Research

Design and Techno-Economic Evaluation of a Hybrid Mini-grid System for an Academic Institution

Received: 26 September 2023;  Published: 03 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/jept.2402010


Inadequate electricity supply is a global challenge that needs solutions. This situation has compelled the purchasing of fossil fuel-generating units for use in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors to generate electricity. However, using fossil fuel generating units cause greenhouse gas emissions, bringing about environmental pollution and ultimately resulting in climate change. In particular, educational institutions require adequate and reliable power supply to ensure proper learnin [...]

Open Access Research Article

Local Authority Waste Management Strategies, the Circular Economy and the Generation of Energy from Waste in England

Received: 17 February 2024;  Published: 01 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/jept.2402009


The purpose of this article is to examine the approach to waste management of local authorities in England, to investigate their strategic objectives, and to ascertain to what extent sustainability and circular economy practices are in evidence in this context. A qualitative, inductive research method is used, based on an examination of secondary documentation in three local authorities in England in Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle upon Tyne. The findings reveal considerable common ground with [...]