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OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine , Volume 9 , Issue 2 (2024)

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Published: July 2024

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Cover story: This article describes the development and delivery of a novel model of supervision for senior leaders in schools, informed by Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) called Compassion Focused Coaching (CFC).
It explores the value of the model and the acceptability of it being delivered by multiple supervisors, guided by a manual.View this paper.

Volume 9,Issue 2

Open Access Review

The Interplay of Nutrition, Exercise, and Dietary Intervention for Enhanced Performance of Athletes and General Well-Being of Non-Athletes: A Review

Received: 28 December 2023;  Published: 28 June 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402038


The optimal enhancement of athletic performance, recovery from exhaustion after exercise, and injury prevention are products of appropriate nutrition. Nutritional supplements that contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals are frequently utilized in various sports to complement the recommended daily amounts. Several of these supplements have been identified to have physiological effects and, thus, are known to help enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries. Our review intend [...]

Open Access Original Research

North Central Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Center: 2020-2023: Outcomes, Lessons Learned, and Recommendations for the Future

Received: 26 April 2024;  Published: 28 June 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402037


Agricultural producers (i.e., farmers, ranchers) and agricultural workers (i.e., hired labor, farmworkers) have worse mental health than the general population and often lack access to mental healthcare. In response, the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture funded four regional Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Networks in 2019. In the north central region, the North Central Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Center (NCFRSAC) was [...]

Open Access Perspective

Organisational and Emotional Psychology Views on Yozan Uesugi’s Leadership

Received: 09 January 2024;  Published: 27 June 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402036


Yozan Uesugi was a Daimyo (feudal lord) who governed an area called Yonezawa in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan from 1767 to 1823. Yonezawa was originally an impoverished provincial government which under his leadership regained a healthy financial status. His leadership style was unique among Daimyos, yet respected and regarded as an ideal by many including President John F. Kennedy. One of the characteristics of Yozan’s leadership was he demonstrated what he expected his people to do, instead of ju [...]

Open Access Case Report

Art of Telesupport of Caregiver during Myasthenia Gravis Crisis by COVID-19 Infection-Related Followed by Rescue in Late-Onset Patient

Received: 06 February 2024;  Published: 21 June 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402035


An 83-year-old man with myasthenia gravis was hospitalized in the ICU; support for caregivers of elderly myasthenic patients in the ICU can be a crucial aspect of their care. Myasthenia gravis is a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease that can cause varying levels of muscle weakness, which can significantly impact the patient's day-to-day activities and overall quality of life. This intervention was followed for over one month with success. The critical phases are presented and analyzed as a [...]

Open Access Short Communication

Therapeutic Termination of Pregnancy and Paternal Mental Outcomes

Received: 26 December 2023;  Published: 13 June 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402034


Therapeutic termination of pregnancy (TToP) is performed for maternal health risks or severe fetal malformations. Research focuses on women's psychopathological outcomes after TToP, noting that 10-22% of women experience psychiatric disorders, especially depressive symptoms and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, little is known about paternal mental outcomes. This study analyzed biological fathers' mental health at a 1-year follow-up after TToP. Results indicate biologic [...]

Open Access Research Article

Developing a Compassion Focused Supervision Model for Senior Leaders in Education

Received: 22 March 2024;  Published: 11 June 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402033


This article describes the development and delivery of a novel model of supervision for senior teachers in schools, informed by Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). It explores whether this model can be considered acceptable and valuable to senior teachers, and is able to be delivered by multiple supervisors using a manual. Surveys, interviews, and focus groups were used to gather feedback about the value and impact of the supervision. Data were gathered from 39 senior teachers across three phases [...]

Open Access Original Research

Prescribed Medicinal Cannabis for the Treatment of Chronic Pain Comorbid with Depression: Real World Evidence from Project Twenty21

Received: 01 March 2024;  Published: 05 June 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402032


Chronic pain is one of the most common conditions for which people seek treatment with cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs) and there is mounting real world evidence that CBMPs are safe and effective in treating pain. Many people with chronic pain also experience major depression and it is unknown whether pain patients with major depression derive equal benefit from CBMPs as those who are not depressed since comorbidities are usually an exclusion factor in RCTs. This study aimed to investig [...]

Open Access Original Research

Is Stimulant Treatment in Children and Adolescents with Mood Dysregulation Associated with Adverse Outcomes?

Received: 25 January 2024;  Published: 04 June 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402031


The aim of this paper is to examine effects of stimulant treatment in children and adolescents with high levels of emotional dysregulation in a psychiatric outpatient clinic. Subjects were referred children and adolescents 6-17 years of age who presented to a child psychiatric outpatient clinic between September 2016-November 2021 and received a prescription for a stimulant medication. Children were stratified into those with low and high levels of emotional dysregulation as defined [...]

Open Access Review

Trauma in Schools: A Review of the Impact of Childhood Trauma and Assessment of a Potential Intervention

Received: 02 March 2023;  Published: 24 May 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402030


According to the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH), nearly 30 million children in the United States have experienced one or more types of significant childhood trauma. In the average public school, this statistic translates to as many as half of the students in a given teacher’s classroom. Children exposed to the toxic stress of trauma often experience negative consequences that affect their academic, psychological, socioemotional, and behavioral health. To aid educators in addressing [...]

Open Access Original Research

Enhancing Therapist Courage: Feasibility and Changes in Distress Tolerance and Equanimity Following Martial Arts-Based Radically Embodied Compassion Workshops

Received: 07 April 2024;  Published: 21 May 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402029


The work of psychotherapy demands much of those who engage in it. Compassion provisioned by therapists requires varying competencies, yet remains a highly embodied and enactive endeavour. Therapist skill can be cultivated in this area and enhanced through a variety of body-mind trainings, including various forms of therapist personal practice. However, much clinical training/continued professional development centres on education workshops, emphasising knowledge above skill. Given this we presen [...]

Open Access Original Research

Effect of Hydrotherapy and Physical Activity on Uric Acid and Nitric Oxide Concentrations in Serum Samples

Received: 20 November 2023;  Published: 21 May 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402028


Hydrotherapy is highly recommended for older adults because it offers warmth and support, so people with pain or reduced mobility and balance can move and exercise more freely compared to regular physical activity. The high plasma antioxidant capacity of uric acid in neutralizing oxidative species and the importance of nitric oxide (NO) in vasodilation and inflammatory response are relevant in older adults. This work aimed to evaluate hydrotherapy's effect on uric acid and NO concentrations in a [...]

Open Access Editorial

Mechanisms of Laser Acupuncture – Hypotheses and Evidence

Received: 14 May 2024;  Published: 15 May 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402027


Laser acupuncture, a rising complementary therapy, applies a low-intensity laser to acupuncture points, yet its underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Proposed hypotheses include modulation of cellular signaling, tissue repair, and immune modulation. Laser acupuncture may stimulate energy flow, neurotransmitter release, cellular changes, immune regulation, and neuroendocrine activity. Additionally, the biophoton theory suggests an involvement of ultra-weak photon radiation from cells. [...]

Open Access Review

The Impact of Wellbeing Interventions on the Anxiety Levels of Children Attending Low-Income Schools: A Systematic Literature Review

Received: 02 November 2023;  Published: 11 May 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402026


This systematic review examined the impact of wellbeing interventions on the anxiety levels of children attending low-income schools. Studies, published between January 2000 and April 2022, were included if they had samples of school aged children attending low-income schools who were given a universal school-based wellbeing intervention. Ten databases were searched systematically to identify 542 records. After title and abstract screening, 43 records remained for full text screening [...]

Open Access Original Research

The Impact of Stress on Father Involvement in Early Infancy: Examining Risk and Protective Factors in Residential and Nonresidential Fathers

Received: 24 December 2023;  Published: 30 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402025


Residential and nonresidential fathers are taking an increasingly greater role in their children’s lives, and father involvement predicts positive child outcomes across development. This study utilized data from a large sample of racially and ethnically diverse fathers of low to middle income (n = 1,112) to test if paternal stress is associated with lower father involvement in early infancy and whether perceived social support is protective. Exploratory analyses examined whether the effects of s [...]

Open Access Concept Paper

Compassion-Focused Mentoring: An Antidote to Adverse Faculty-Student Mentoring Outcomes?

Received: 14 October 2023;  Published: 27 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402024


Fueled by decreased state support, economic pressures, and a growing emphasis on academic capitalism, higher education in the United States faces significant challenges. These shifts have fostered fast-paced, competitive environments, impacting the quality and equity of faculty-student mentoring in graduate programs, particularly for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and first-generation students. This article proposes a novel framework, the compassion-focused mentoring conceptual mode [...]

Open Access Original Research

The Acceptability and Impact of a Video on Compassion Focused Therapy as a Psycho-Educative Tool to Deepen Awareness around Voice-Hearing

Received: 21 December 2023;  Published: 25 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402023


In the compassion focused therapy (CFT) model of voice-hearing, a distressing relationship with voices is thought to be influenced by evolved threat-protection patterns, which are activated and attuned by socially threatening experiences, such as being harmed by others, as well being shamed, stigmatised, invalidated, and excluded. Therefore, the CFT approach is particularly interested in the role of voice-hearers’ relationships with others and self, as well as their social context of family/frie [...]

Open Access Editorial

Acupuncture in Oncology – Update 2024

Received: 02 April 2024;  Published: 03 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.2402022


Acupuncture, as a promising complementary therapy for cancer patients, offers personalized symptom management and improved quality of life alongside conventional treatments. With its proven efficacy in alleviating chemotherapy-induced side effects such as nausea, fatigue, and pain, acupuncture stands as a holistic approach to cancer care. Tailored to individual needs and boasting a favorable safety profile, acupuncture addresses both physical symptoms and psychological distress, prom [...]