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Open Access Case Report

Miraculous Healings of Chronic Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia and Sarcoidosis without the Use of Pharmaceuticals or Antibiotics

Richard Sarnat, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Advanced Medicine Integration, L.L.C, Highland Park, Illinois 60035, USA

*   Correspondence: Richard L. Sarnat

Received: March 9, 2018 | Accepted: April 3, 2018 | Published: April 12, 2018

OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine 2018, Volume 3, Issue 2 doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1802003

Academic Editor: James D. Adams

Special Issue: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nervous System Conditions

Recommended citation: Sarnat R. Miraculous Healings of Chronic Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia and Sarcoidosis without the Use of Pharmaceuticals or Antibiotics. OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine  2018;3(2):003; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1802003.

© 2018 by the authors. This is an open access article distributed under the conditions of the Creative Commons by Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium or format, provided the original work is correctly cited.


While “miraculous healings” of various disease states have been scientifically reported previously, the exact mechanism, which allow for these seeming miracles or spontaneous remissions is poorly understood. [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15] By contrast, the mechanism of action underlying the “miraculous healings” in the three case studies reported herein: Sarcoidosis, Chronic Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia seems to be understood with greater clarity, as these case reports are representative of the many hundreds of case studies I have documented over a ten-year period while observing the work of Master John Douglas and the graduates of his Elite Development course.
While certainly inspiring, admittedly all of these discoveries must ultimately be subjected to more rigorous scientific methodology. Yet, the sheer number of miraculous healings I have observed and the fact that this body of knowledge can be taught to others who obtain similarly effective results is very exciting, given the rising worldwide prevalence of idiopathic chronic diseases and the growing microbial resistance to antibiotics.


Miraculous healing; energy medicine; sarcoidosis; fibromyalgia; Lyme disease

1. Sarcoidosis – Case Study #1 (CS #1)

CS #1 is a 53 year-old white female who was diagnosed with the rare and “incurable” disease Sarcoidosis in August of 2012. She was inflicted with generalized signs of Sarcoidosis inflammation - pain and swelling in her bones, ankles, and nerves, including her left optic nerve and the larger involuntary nerves of the heart.

The first presentation of her Sarcoidosis was extreme bilateral swelling of her ankles and lower legs without antecedent trauma. She said, “My legs looked like I had elephantiasis.”

She progressed to having trouble breathing even at rest, when formerly she was a very active and athletic person. “The pain was intense, ranging from pressure in the chest, to deep bone ache, to throbbing unrelenting pain in the swollen areas.”

By six months after the onset of her first symptoms, the nerve pain had progressed to a dull ache in the internal organs and a tingling and burning pain on her skin that felt like, “I was constantly being bitten by red ants.”

Two years after the onset of her symptoms she manifested signs that the autonomic nervous system was involved, with irregular heart arrhythmias which were clinically disconcerting, creating dizziness and chest pressure.

Vision was also affected with severe retro-orbital pain, tearing and loss of significant vision in the left eye. CS #1 was also seen by numerous ophthalmologists, who confirmed the diagnosis of granulomas within the left optic nerve.

As of August 2012, bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy was present on the chest x-ray, as well as a high normal ACE level of 56 (range 9-67 U/L). Protein electrophoresis showed decreased albumin and mildly elevated acute phase Alpha-1 and Alpha-2 globulins, suggesting acute inflammation. ANA EIA was moderately positive at 30 Hfunits (range 0-19)

She was prescribed high doses of prednisone and Norco for the pain over a duration of 13 months. Yet despite this treatment, her pain did not abate and clinically her disease progressed with increasingly more severe symptoms. Her daily average pain scale score was reported as, “7/10, typically progressing to 10/10 at night and disrupting her sleep.”

CS #1 began an extensive information search, and joined an online Sarcoidosis support group. She traveled to Cleveland Clinic to see a prominent neurologist specializing in Sarcoidosis, where she was told that should the disease continue to progress that she would be facing cardiac corrective surgical procedures.

CS #1 became convinced over time that nothing in the conventional medical world would cure her. Faced with this realization, she felt herself spiritually guided to take matters into her own hands, and arrived at the following conclusions:

“During my inner and outer search for knowledge, I came to the conclusion that my Sarcoidosis was caused by an underlying disturbance in three areas: physical, mental and spiritual.

1) Hidden bacteria, stress and fatigue plagued the physical arena;

2) Unresolved karma and alienation from my Higher Self plagued the spiritual arena;

3) Resentments, lower level behavior and anger plagued the mental arena.

Quite a nasty combination, and a sobering call to action for me. ”

CS #1 first encountered Master John Douglas, an Australian Clairvoyant with a successful track record of miraculous healings (both local and non-localized) in the spring of 2013 at a seminar in California. Master John Douglas prescribed a healing regimen of trace minerals, tourmaline detox foot patches and the daily use of his audio CD repair tools called Location Repair, Subconscious Repair and Spirit Repair. These audio CD Repair tools are a set of guided meditations and healing requests that according to Master John Douglas, “invoke the Celestial Angelic realm in a very focused, demonstrable and predictable manner.”

As CS #1 was so debilitated by this time she could hardly be active. Her daily routine primarily consisted of long hourly Jacuzzi-type baths, while listening to the various audio phonic CD Repair tools.

Within one month after seeing Master John Douglas and using the audio CD Repair tools CS #1 reports that, “she was able for the first time to stop using alcohol, Norco and marijuana to numb her pain.”

She then weaned herself off of prednisone, under her doctor’s supervision, and began what she describes as “an anti- inflammatory, heavy metal free diet,” which was essentially a vegan diet.

In preparation for her second upcoming session with Master John Douglas, she incorporated the regular use of an additional four audio CD Repair tools to facilitate her healing: Subconscious Repair, Faith and Sensory Repair, Climate Crisis and Relationship Repair.

The second time she saw Master John Douglas in December of 2014, she describes herself, as “drug free, physically prepared, and spiritually ready to be healed.” She was guided by her intuition to ask a specific request when she saw Master John Douglas: “please kill any and all bacteria causing my granulomas and Sarcoidosis.”

Within seconds of uttering this request, Master John Douglas clairvoyantly found and killed two forms of hidden bacteria located within her white blood cells.

She reports that, “within a two minute timeframe of having Master John Douglas kill the underlying bacteria in her body, her pain level went down to zero, and her spirit was lifted to new heights of faith and gratitude.”

Since December of 2014 and the day of this transformative healing, she reports no reoccurrence of her symptoms and a return to her formerly vibrant life.

As of January 2018, her most recent ANA IFA screen is completely negative and her chest x-ray is now normal.

1.1 Discussion

In the conventional medical world, Sarcoidosis is considered an incurable disease, whose pathology can affect any organ, as granulomas, a form of scar tissue, continue to be formed, unchecked by any effective known treatment.

These granulomas cause inflammation and affect each patient differently. They can occur in any part of the body, causing damage and loss of function in the affected area.

Master John Douglas clairvoyantly discovered that the root cause of Sarcoidosis is the presence of two Nano-sized bacteria living within the white blood cells. These infectious agents then cause the white blood cells to rupture their cell membranes and explode into a granuloma, creating secondary pain and dysfunction.

Master John Douglas relates his subjective memories of CS #1’s healing session, “The insight of this new discovery was known as soon as I looked into her cellular level with my enhanced sensory mechanisms and saw two Nano-sized bacteria within a single white blood cell. There would be no other normal situation in which this presentation of dual intracellular bacterium would occur, other than a pathological situation. Sometimes the easiest way to diagnose and discover something new is by seeing what shouldn’t be present - being aware of the anomaly.”

Since 2014, this discovery and eradication of the root cause of Sarcoidosis has been duplicated numerous times by both Master John Douglas and graduates of his Elite Development training course, suggesting a cause and effect relationship which deserves more rigorous clinical trials.

2. Chronic Lyme disease – Case Study #2

CS #2 is a 51 year old white female whose primary care physician estimates that she first contracted Lyme disease almost twenty years before it was officially diagnosed. By 2008 the patient’s symptoms included progressive flu-like symptoms, constant dull aches, brain fog and complete loss of energy. “Just to get the kids off to school and pick them up was a heroic effort.” The rest of the day she spent in bed, trying to revitalize.

In 2008 her parents brought her two of Master John Douglas’s audio CD Repair tools - Spirit Repair and Health Repair, which she now feels intuitively “paved the way for her eventual healing.”

On May 12th, 2012 the patient first met Master John Douglas at a seminar in Portland. Even during the initial group healing, she was aware of a total transformation in her body, as it changed “from a constant background hum, which she believes was created by the large numbers of infectious agents, to instant silence as all of the infectious agents were killed.”

The patient's blood tests were unknown to Master John Douglas, yet as soon as he saw her he said, “you are 1000% Babesia infected, you got bit by the tick that drank from the sewer.” In fact, he was correct; the patient's lab tests were negative for Borrelia and positive for Babesia.

CS #2 intuitively knew within seconds that, “she was fully healed and her suffering was over. She reports that Master John Douglas told her that all of her symptoms would disappear within five weeks if she followed his detox protocol exactly.”

CS #2 religiously followed the prescribed detox protocol, which utilized daily salt baths, foot patches, trace minerals, using body Repair discs and listening to the audio CD Repair tools. As predicted, after five weeks of the protocol the patient’s symptoms completely disappeared and she has had no return of symptoms since that time. She “feels better now than she did in her twenties or thirties”.

2.1 Discussion

Graduates of Master John Douglas’s Elite Development course are taught to verify the presence or absence of active Lyme disease not by blood tests, which are known to have many false positive and false negative results.

Master John believes a more accurate assessment is made by measuring the presence or absence of the pathognomonic electromagnetic signal emanating from a variety of tick bites, including Borrelia bacteria, as well as measuring for the presence or absence of signature toxins circulating in the brain, joints, or internal organs. [16,17]

Using Master John’s techniques, Lyme disease is rarely found as an isolated Borrelia infection and typically has multiple co-infections, including parasitic animals that lay residual eggs.

While Elite Development course graduates can use electromagnetic frequencies to kill all the various co-infectious organisms, the eggs are resistant to being eradicated by this technique. To kill the eggs one must use an herbal combination of black walnut, wormwood and cloves. Anti-parasitic pharmaceuticals are also effective in killing the eggs but have a much higher potential for more severe side effects.

In my observations of many Lyme disease patients treated by this technique, recovery from chronic Lyme disease is complicated by the fact that many Lyme disease patients also have difficulty clearing the Lyme specific toxins, even after all the organisms are dead. Clairvoyantly, Lyme toxins are observed to be sticky, like tar in the physiology, which is why the healing phase of detoxification can take a year or more in chronic long- term cases.

Many patients have an additional difficulty detoxifying due to a glutathione enzyme malfunction. This malfunction can be discovered by the absence or weakness of the electromagnetic signal associated with this physiologic process as well as correlation with confirmatory lab work. Supplementation with a glutathione spray applied to the back of the throat helps alleviate this problem and accelerates the healing detoxification process.

3. Fibromyalgia - Case Study #3

CS #3 is 62 year-old Japanese American female who first presented with Fibromyalgia symptoms in 2004. During this same timeframe the patient was being treated for breast cancer with surgery, chemo and radiation. Given the close proximity of the onset of fibromyalgia symptoms to her cancer related treatments, originally the patient was confused as to whether these were separate or related disease processes.

However, following the completion of her cancer treatments, as the hallmark symptoms of Fibromyalgia began to manifest without abatement, the patient’s primary care physician referred her to a rheumatologist. By that time, the patient had developed chronic severe pain worse in the morning, “which was destroying her quality of life.” CS #3 was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by her rheumatologist, who prescribed a number of conventional medical pharmaceutical treatment trials, all of which failed to alleviate her symptoms.

The only pain relief she was able to achieve was by pushing herself through her early morning pain, by doing exercise first thing in the morning. She reports that, “her pain level was 10/10 every day, just attempting to move out of bed.” She describes her pain as, “having something strapped around her body which was sharp and constant, as if pins penetrated your body with every movement.”

Close friends, just on the chance that it could help, invited her to a seminar with Master John Douglas. She had already listened to a few of his audio CD Repair tools in preparation and was hopeful.

She remembers that, “Master John Douglas opened the lecture talking about folks in the audience who were there to relieve their Fibromyalgia pain and about universal energy and how it could effect all things in life. The more he talked, the more intuitively the patient knew she was about to be healed.”

According to the patient’s awareness, “the actual healing took place during the group seminar and was transformative, even before my individual five minute personal session”, which typically follows the group healing/seminar.

During a segment of the group seminar, Master John Douglas had the audience participate in a breathing exercise. At the conclusion of the breathing exercise she recalls feeling “immediate relief emanating from the site of her former “Porto catheter”, which had been used as her previous chemotherapy infusion site.” She remembers that she complained of pain emanating from the Porto catheter site from the moment it was put in and intuitively felt it was the source of the original infection causing her Fibromyalgia.

During the personal session, the patient reports that, “Master John Douglas was able to clairvoyantly go back through time and confirm that the original infection occurred during the insertion of the Porto catheter and that after the initial healing took place in the group seminar/healing that the body was entirely free from that infection.”

Since the healing that took place at this seminar, no Fibromyalgia symptoms have reoccurred, although the patient does have chronic neck and structural arthritis per her physician.

The patient is delighted, “that she no longer wakes up crying first thing in the morning and that she no longer has excruciating pain.” She currently takes no medicines.

After the healing, the biometric markers on her osteoporosis labs, which formerly had been getting worse suddenly improved and have remained stable, as did her bone scan.

She has not attended any additional Master John Douglas related seminars since this healing event. Although she does report that, “she listens to the audio CD Health Repair tool a minimum of three times per week.” She remains physically active without restriction since her miraculous healing.

3.1 Discussion

Master John Douglas reports, “that he discovered that the etiology of Fibromyalgia is a Nano-sized inflammatory negative animal living within the bone marrow (negative animals are a discrete category different from bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus, yeast or parasites).

Master John believes this Nano-sized inflammatory animal is the cause of the deep bone pain and the chronic fatigue that Fibromyalgia patients report. Clairvoyantly, he can “see” that the bone marrow is poorly perfused and that lethal concentrations of conventional antibiotics fail to achieve the required concentrations needed to eradicate this infectious agent. Master John asserts, “that this infectious agent is only able to be killed by an Angelic electromagnetic pulse tuned to the resonance of this animal, much like an opera singer shatters a crystal glass.”

Furthermore, it is his contention that all autoimmune diseases are actually a misnomer and that each disease in this category has an unknown infectious etiology, which when properly identified and killed results in a resolution of symptoms. [18]

4. Conclusion

These three case studies are representative of the many hundreds of case studies I have documented over a ten-year period while observing the work of Master John Douglas and the graduates of his Elite Development course.

While certainly inspiring, all of these discoveries must ultimately be subjected to more rigorous scientific methodology. Yet, the sheer number of miraculous healings I have observed and the fact that this body of knowledge can be taught to others who obtain similarly effective results is very exciting, given the rising worldwide prevalence of idiopathic chronic diseases and the growing microbial resistance to antibiotics.


I would like to acknowledge Master John Douglas for his tireless work ethic and his passion to save humanity from the unseen dangers, which threaten life on this planet and to the real people in our anonymous case studies who were willing to share their intimate medical experiences for the benefit of science.

Author Contributions

All work was done by the primary author.

Competing Interests

The author declares that no competing interests exist.


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