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OBM Genetics , Volume 5 , Issue 2 (2021)

Pages: 65

Published: July 2021

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Ellagic acid ; a dietary antioxidant acts as a potent herbal radiosensitizer via DNA damage, G1 cell cycle arrest, MMP drop, increased chromatin condensation leading to enhanced apoptotic radio-sensitivity of cancer cells. Pre-treatment of cancer cells with 10 µM ellagic acid boosts the therapeutic efficacy of even 2Gy radiation dose. View this paper.

Volume 5,Issue 2

Open Access Review

Molecular Mechanisms of Feline Cancers

Received: 08 December 2020;  Published: 24 May 2021;  doi: 10.21926/obm.genet.2102131


Feline cancers have not been studied as extensively as canine cancers, though they may offer similar advantages, with cats being immunocompetent animals subject to similar conditions as their human counterparts. The most common feline cancers include lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma, sarcoma, and mammary tumors, though mast cell tumors were also investigated in this review. As the pathogenesis of many feline cancers remains unclear, this study seeks to elucidate some molecular mecha [...]

Open Access Opinion

Imagining Life with a Genetic Disorder: The Challenge of Evaluating Health States that Exist from Birth

Received: 29 March 2021;  Published: 14 May 2021;  doi: 10.21926/obm.genet.2102130


This article explores difficulties encountered by those with no personal experience of a chronic disease or disability in accurately evaluating the quality of life with a condition present from birth. In most countries, cost-effectiveness analysis relies on ratings of health states by members of the general population, who must try to imagine what life for those affected is like based on (usually brief) descriptions of the conditions. That task is challenging for reasons that have be [...]

Open Access Original Research

Role of DNA Damage and MMP Loss in Radiosensitization-Induced Apoptosis by Ellagic Acid in HeLa Cells

Received: 22 September 2020;  Published: 14 May 2021;  doi: 10.21926/obm.genet.2102129


Ellagic acid (EA) is a polyphenol found in grapes, pomegranates, walnuts, etc. exhibits anti-cancer properties. The current study was conducted to understand the radiosensitizing role of EA on HeLa cells. Monotherapy of EA and radiation was initially studied on HeLa cells. The addition of EA before the radiation treatment subsequently made DNA more susceptible to damage thereby developing DNA beaks, which are known to be lethal for cell survival. This was evaluated by performing comet and γ-foci [...]

Open Access Original Research

Modulation of Gene Expression in Human Breast Cancer MCF7 and Prostate Cancer PC3 Cells by the Human Copper-Binding Peptide GHK-Cu.

Received: 20 January 2021;  Published: 06 April 2021;  doi: 10.21926/obm.genet.2102128


Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, while prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting men. Despite significant advances in diagnostics and treatment, these cancers have a high risk of metastases and greatly reduce quality of life. Recently, it has been established that multiple epigenetic alterations in gene expression may play a role in cancer progression. Unlike mutations, which involve changes in DNA sequence, epigenetic modifications are not permanent and ca [...]