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Catalysis Research , Volume 4 , Issue 1 (2024)

Pages: 38

Published: April 2024

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Cover Story: In this study, Pt-Rh nanowire catalysts supported on carbon and SnO2 demonstrate superior ethanol oxidation for fuel cells. Employing a novel chemical reduction method, these catalysts outperform commercial options. The inclusion of Rh facilitates complete ethanol oxidation, while SnO2 support improved adsorption and oxidation processes. This advancement could significantly enhance direct ethanol fuel cell efficiency and affordability.View this paper.

Volume 4,Issue 1

Open Access Original Research

The Effect of SnO2 and Rh on Pt Nanowire Catalysts for Ethanol Oxidation

Received: 24 November 2023;  Published: 11 March 2024;  doi: 10.21926/cr.2401003


In this study, we synthesized Pt-Rh nanowires (NWs) through chemical reduction of metallic precursors using formic acid at room temperature, excluding the use of surfactants, templates, or stabilizing agents. These NWs were supported on two substrates: carbon (Vulcan XC-72R) and carbon modified with tin oxide (SnO2) via the sol-gel method (10 wt.% SnO2). We explored the electroactivity of Pt/SnO2/C, Pt-Rh/C, Pt-Rh/SnO

Open Access Research Article

Synthesis of NaA Zeolite: Conventional Route and Green Route

Received: 24 October 2023;  Published: 28 January 2024;  doi: 10.21926/cr.2401002


The research describes a sustainable approach for the synthesis of zeolite NaA using kaolin as an alternative source of silica. The main objective of this research was to prepare NaA zeolite using metakaolin derived from kaolin from the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, as an alternative source of silica, reducing the production cost and evaluating its thermal stability. In addition, a study of the thermal stability of the zeolite and cost estimates for zeolite production were carried out. T [...]

Open Access Editorial

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Catalysis Research in 2023

Received: 03 January 2024;  Published: 04 January 2024;  doi: 10.21926/cr.2401001


The editors of Catalysis Research would like to express their sincere gratitude to the following reviewers for assessing manuscripts in 2023. We greatly appreciate the contribution of expert reviewers, which is crucial to the journal’s editorial process. We aim to recognize reviewer contributions through several mechanisms, of which the annual publication of reviewer names is one. Reviewers receive a voucher entitling them to a discount on their next LIDSEN publi [...]