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Volume 3,Issue 3

Open Access Editorial

Nb2O5: Percentage Effect of T/H Phase and Evaluation of Catalytic Activity, a Preliminary Study

Received: 18 September 2023;  Published: 22 September 2023;  doi: 10.21926/cr.2303023


Due to its similar characteristics to titanium, niobium has become an attractive alternative in photocatalytic processes. Research indicates that titania has an optimal percentage of phases resulting in a commercial catalyst, P25, that contains more than 70% anatase with a minor amount of rutile and a small amount of amorphous phase. On the other hand, for Nb2O5, percentage optimization was little explored in the literature, which consists of studyin [...]

Open Access Original Research

Enhancing Kerosene Selectivity of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis by Periodical Pore Drainage Via Hydrogenolysis

Received: 27 June 2023;  Published: 12 September 2023;  doi: 10.21926/cr.2303022


Accumulation of wax inside the catalyst pores during transient cobalt-catalyzed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) leads to unfavorable product distribution and low activity by imposing internal mass transfer limitations. The condensation of paraffin severely changes the apparent product stream that actually leaves the reactor before the catalyst pores are filled completely and the steady state is reached. Thus, the product distribution of the transient FTS is less complex than expected in comparis [...]

Open Access Original Research

Research and Application of Modified ZSM-5 for the Process of Alkylation of Oil Distillate Fractions

Received: 20 April 2023;  Published: 10 August 2023;  doi: 10.21926/cr.2303021


In the oil distillate fraction alkylation process, a modified Zr zeolite ZSM-5 was obtained and studied. The modification was executed using a method that impregnated ZSM-5 with a 5% solution of ZrOCl2∙6H2O. X-ray diffraction studies were conducted on zeolite ZSM-5, zirconyl chloride modifier ZrOCl2∙6H2O, and modified zeolite ZSM-5-ZrO

Open Access Review

Recent Development of Photocatalytic Application Towards Wastewater Treatment

Received: 15 April 2023;  Published: 05 July 2023;  doi: 10.21926/cr.2303020


With increasing population levels and rapidly growing industries worldwide, the purification of water contaminated with different impurities is one of the biggest challenges we face in recent times. Photocatalysis holds great potential as an efficient mineralization process to remove the foreign matter present in wastewater. Rapid advancement in innovative materials development has made photocatalysis the frontrunner among different water treatment methods. Our main priority lies in different st [...]