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ISSN 2573-4393

OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine , Volume 4 , Issue 2 (2019)

Pages: 229

Published: November 2019

(This book is a printed edition that was published in OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine)

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Cover story: This work was developed in the Center of Integrated Medicine of Pitigliano and Manciano Hospital, which is part of the public Health service of Tuscany. The work ascertained that the response to ictus rehabilitation conducted together with conventional rehabilitation and homeopathy and acupuncture, is significantly improved compared to conventional rehabilitation therapy alone. View this paper.

Volume 4,Issue 2

Open Access Case Report

Case Series of Multiple Health Benefits in Those Undertaking Extended Qigong Practice as a Complementary Self-care Practice in an Outpatient Pain Clinic

Lauren Curry, Meghan Pike, Mary Lynch, Dana Marcon, Jana Sawynok
Received: April 01, 2019; Published: June 28, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902040

Open Access Original Research

Experimental Effects of Acute Exercise in Attenuating Concurrent Memory Interference

Hannah Lewandowski, Lindsay Crawford, Paul D. Loprinzi
Received: April 13, 2019; Published: June 25, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902039

Open Access Research Article

Preliminary Long-Term Results of Homeopathic Treatment of Atopic Diseases in Adult Patients

Elio Rossi, Marco Picchi, Marialessandra Panozzo, Linda Nurra
Received: November 01, 2018; Published: June 20, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902038

Open Access Opinion

Doing Brief Work, Slowly: Compassion as Intervention in Behavioral Medicine

Ron Dolgin, Matthew J. Davis
Received: March 20, 2019; Published: June 18, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902037

Open Access Perspective

Compassion in Preregistration Nurse Education: An Integrated Review

Pras Ramluggun, Sanj Nathoo
Received: March 07, 2019; Published: June 13, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902036

Open Access Case Report

Cancer and the Display of Lymph Nodes Using Potentized Remedies (Derivates of Iodine and Carbo Animalis)

Dietmar Payrhuber, Piero Sangaletti, Josef Muehlmann
Received: May 10, 2018; Published: June 10, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902035

Open Access Case Report

Auriculotherapy for Intractable Hiccups-A Case Report

Gary Stanton
Received: March 22, 2019; Published: June 04, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902034

Open Access Editorial

The Landscape of Current Meditation Research: An Overview to the Special Issue on 'Health Benefits of Meditation'

Soo Liang Ooi, Sok Cheon Pak
Received: May 29, 2019; Published: May 31, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902033

Open Access Editorial

Highlights of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nervous System Conditions: An Interview with Dr. James David Adams, Jr.

James David Adams, Jr.
Received: May 17, 2019; Published: May 24, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902032

Open Access Review

Meditation, Sleep, and Performance

Lauren E. Guerriero, Bruce F. O’Hara
Received: February 12, 2019; Published: May 24, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902031

Open Access Opinion

The Link(s) between Compassion and Healing

Kristi Kanel
Received: January 30, 2019; Published: April 30, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902030

Open Access Research Article

Lifestyles and Complementary Medicine: A Survey in the Region of Tuscany

Mariella Di Stefano, Sonia Baccetti, Elio Rossi, Maria Valeria Monechi, Barbara Cucca, Sergio Segantini, Elisabetta Barbara Cortesi, Fabio Voller, Eleonora Fanti, Alice Berti, Stefano Bravi
Received: September 27, 2018; Published: April 28, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902029

Open Access Original Research

Observational Study on Auriculotherapy in the Treatment of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: Preliminary Data

Elisabetta Barbara Cortesi, Sonia Baccetti, Maria Valeria Monechi, Mariella Di Stefano, Barbara Cucca, Tommaso Conti, Antonella Traversi, Filippa Terranova, Roberto Montelatici, Sylvie Yvonne Barberousse, Federica Sabatini, Catia Vuono, Christian Bini, Marco Picchi
Received: September 26, 2018; Published: April 28, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902028

Open Access Review

Integrative Cancer Therapy with Special Focus on Add-On Homeopathy: The Experience at Lienz Hospital

Peter Lechleitner
Received: March 02, 2018; Published: April 25, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902027

Open Access Review

The Role of Self-Compassion in Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

Gila Chen
Received: March 04, 2019; Published: April 24, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902026

Open Access Opinion

Compassion in Medicine – A Psychiatric Physician’s View

Robert T. Rubin
Received: March 14, 2019; Published: April 18, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902025

Open Access Research Article

Integrated Medicine Strongly Improves Post-Stroke Rehabilitative Performance in a Public Health Facility in Italy

Simonetta Bernardini, Francesca Bechini, Giulia Braccesi, Franco Cracolici, Rosaria Ferreri, Roberto Pulcri, Andrea Serafini
Received: September 30, 2018; Published: April 17, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902024

Open Access Case Report

Unexpected Long Survival of a Patient with Polycythemia Vera

Michael Frass, Katharina Gaertner
Received: January 16, 2019; Published: April 16, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902023

Open Access Communication

The Process of Integration of Complementary Medicines in Public Healthcare Service of Tuscany (Italy)

Katia Belvedere, Elio Rossi, Mariella Di Stefano, Sonia Baccetti
Received: February 22, 2019; Published: April 10, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902022

Open Access Original Research

Comparison of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia between Zen-meditation and Control Groups

Pei-Chen Lo, Bo-Ting Lyu, Wu Jue Miao Tian
Received: July 30, 2018; Published: April 1, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.icm.1902021